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With Startups

10KSI Investor meetings with Startups happen every week and sometimes everyday. We provide co-investment options to multiple investors to share risks and maximize returns. Join 10KSI and take part in exciting startups journey of growth and sell your equity at later stage with great returns.

Judge & Evaluate

We always like to invite eminent personalities with diverse sectors to join our jury members tp provide great insights and valuable feedback to aspiring entrepreneurs in our events.

Build Trust

As an Investor, all you need is trust in the startup that you're going to invest in. We conduct a preliminary due diligence process that is not limited to financials. We cover CXO & Co-founders due diligence, product-market fit analysis, scalability forecasts and our teams go through all investor readiness documentation.

Access our Network

Our network comprises of all types of startups from early stage to IPO. Our mentors are the best in the industry experts and we work with IITs, IIMs, Govt bodies from Japan, Malaysia, UK, USA, Israel for incubator-accelerator programmes and go-to market partners worldwide.

10KSI Investor Lounge With Honey Kithani - Nandini Mansinghka (Teaser)

10KSI Investor Lounge With Honey Kithani - Ninad Karpe

10KSI Investor Lounge With Honey Kithani - Prashant Desai

Startup Showcase

30 minutes 1-1 with qualified startup

Closed room talk at your convenience on our virtual platform

On spot feedback & way forward

Second level, in-person meeting between startups & investors

StartUp Showcase with Code Xperts

StartUp Showcase with Quick Pay